Unmounting SD Card

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The MicroSD card provides removable storage on a handful of Android phones. When the phone is turned off, you can insert or remove the MicroSD card at will. The MicroSD card can also be removed when the phone is turned on, but you must first unmount the card. Obey these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Storage. On some Samsung phones, tap the General tab to locate the Storage item.
  3. Choose Unmount SD Card. This item is found near the bottom of the screen. If not, your phone lacks the ability to host a removable MicroSD card.
  4. Ignore the warning and tap the OK button.
  5. When you see the Mount SD Card action, it’s safe to remove the MicroSD card.

It’s important that you follow these steps to safely remove the MicroSD card. If you don’t and you simply pop out the card, it can damage the card and lose information.

You can insert a MicroSD card at any time.

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